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Datheos. We are a Microsoft focused business intelligence and analytics consulting company with a staff of highly skilled senior architects, consultants and project managers including Microsoft MVP’s.

Microsoft Data Platform

We enable organization using Microsoft technology to create powerful, scalable data models enabling business users to easily access and work with complex data so they can gain and share valuable insights

Cloud or not ?

We deliver solutions based on Microsoft Azure and have experience with cloud, hybrid, and on-premise scenarios using platform and infrastructure services as part of the architecture

Power BI

Our experienced consultants can assist you in efficiently executing and planning your Power BI strategy to avoid common missteps. We strategy to enable your organization to thrive.


Datheos delivers services covering all phases and aspects of clarifying, planning, establishing, utilizing and maintaining a Modern Analytics Platform.

Business Analysis and Advisory

Business analysis is the foundation for good business analytics solutions. Knowing your business needs and challenges will help you make informed decisions on how to build and utilize the correct solution effectively.

Platform Architecture

During the past years “cloud first” has become a vital part of most data infrastructures and this requires a well-planned strategy. Even if this is not the case for your business, we can assist and advise you on your move to the cloud.

Analytics Solution

A good design will help you implement solutions in the right way. Business analytics solutions often fail due to lack of proper design and implementation. In order to successfully utilize the BI solution to be used in the right fashion and by the right people, it is necessary to implement it correctly.

Master Data Management

Many companies today have multiple IT systems and similar records on products, customers, and other topics, which reside in more than one system. To get a holistic view of your business, it is important that you eliminate redundancy and inconsistency in those data sets.

Data Storytelling

Visualizing your data is one of the most powerful ways of communicating your message. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very much true when it comes to corporate data. Telling a story with your data visualizations can enhance your message further.

Program and Project Management

With technology rapidly evolving and an ever-growing demand for increased business data, it can be difficult to both operate a data analytics platform and improve it to maintain a competitive advantage. Program and project management is essential in overcoming these hurdles.

What We Do Best

Fulfill your vision and goals through world class data models

Datheos partners with business and enterprises seeking expertise in designing, creating and implementing business analytics platforms.

Our capable team will address your business concerns in all industries with a particular emphasis in the pharmaceutical, transportation, shipping, finance and energy sectors.

Datheos helps define your data roadmap in line with your strategic goals while focusing on bringing the most value to your business.

We assist in setting up analytics platforms using various technologies, such as Microsoft PowerBI, and combine them with an agile approach tailored to the company’s needs and readiness.

Robust Solutions
Robust Solutions

Datheos works closely with our customers to find the best analytics solution for their business needs while focusing on providing value.

Experienced Advisory
Experienced Advisory

With a team of highly qualified experts possessing years of experience across multiple industries, Datheos is committed to providing a high level of professional advisory services.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

Datheos has best in class developers including 2 Microsoft Data Platform MVP’s to help you build a sustainable, modern BI and analytics platform.

Quality solutions

Believing in data

At Datheos we believe in making fact-based decisions and advancing your business by utilizing a deep understanding of your data while increasing confidence and trust in it.

Our primary aim is to become a partner to your business in order to enable improvements and business transformation around your data assets.

Datheos is formed around these five key principles:

Quality solutions

All development should be driven by business needs and requirements or at least with a business-centric view.


The analytics platform should provide an easy and confident access to data and allow sharing of reports created by the users.

Agile projects and processes

Agility is important in order to support business needs and self-service. DevOps and DataOps are vital!

Firm foundation

A well-designed, stable and solid foundation is the technical basis for any analytics platform implementation.

Confidence in data

Solid, testable, validated, documented and governed solutions are key. This must be automated in order to support self-service and agility.

Our Customers

Helping customers realize their full potential through data assets

Our work focuses on understanding the customer’s specific business model, the value chain, the role they play in the greater business context and their perspective between profits and philanthropy

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